I'm Hunter.

I am a personal trainer based in adelaide south australia, and a qualified strength and conditioning coach.

I have PREVIOUSLY worked with elite and sub-elite athletes to improve their athletic performance, and helped many people overcome chronic and acute injuries through exercise in REHABILITATION settings.

Despite my qualifications and experience, it is important to mention that most of my clients are regular people (whatever 'regular' means) like you and me who want to look and feel better. And it is these clients that i have found both the most enjoyable to work with, and also often the most rewarding to train.


a little about Me personally.

as a kid growing up i loved playing sport, which is why i gravitated toward exercise science as my area of study. It was during my studies that i found a real passion for training and nutrition (which is why i work as a personal trainer).

I have what my Wife would describe as an appalling taste in music (she's wrong...), enjoying binge watching parks and rec, and replaying final fantasy vii for the 23rd (no... 24th?) time.

I enjoying training for strength, eating food, and reading science fiction.

I thought this photo of me hanging out at senso-ji temple (japan) was much nicer than one of me sweating over a barbell

I thought this photo of me hanging out at senso-ji temple (japan) was much nicer than one of me sweating over a barbell


what does this mean for you?

well a number of different things i guess.

It means that i am passionate about imrpoving health, and have experience helping people of different training backgrounds ACHIEVE THEIR individual goals (from improved body composition, to increasing strength and performance!).

It also means that while i enjoy training, and eat well most of the time, i don't let it impact my lifestyle. By this i mean i still eat things that i like to eat, SOCIALISE with FRIENDS, and do the things that i enjoy doing.

I don't ask anything of my clients that i would not ask of myself.

So if you have a goal you want to ACHIEVE (whatever it is - drop some fat, build some muscle or do 5 strict BODY WEIGHT pull ups), but don't want to SACRIFICE your social life to get it, i can help.

If this sounds of interest to you, please feel free to contact me via the form below and we can discuss both the online coaching packages, and one on one PERSONAL training packages, i Offer.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Current Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree of exercise science (hONOURS)

  • masters degree in exercise science (strength and conditioning)