Patience: The key to unlocking your training potential

We live in a world of pure, unrestrained, instant gratification.

The word is literally at our finger tips. If we want something, we can order it within minutes, via nothing more than a couple of soft touches on the screen of our phone. We rarely experience boredom, as we have access to electronic entertainment absolutely anywhere. And if we don’t have the knowledge of a particular topic, Siri is just a quick question away.

Now while I won’t deny the apparent benefits associated with this current world state (Game of Thrones on demand? Yes please), it does also come with some fairly large downfalls - the largest of which is our expectation for immediate and (dare I say it?) underserved success.

We expect things to turn out in our favour – and we expect it to happen with minimal effort on our half.

And unfortunately - as nice as it would be – this isn’t how it works.

You won’t get the job you want just because you want it.

You won’t get the girl (or guy) you want just because you want them.

And I can guarantee with 100% certainty that you won’t get the body you want just because you want it.

These things take time, hard work, and dedication. All traits that should be prioritised by each and every one of us, but in this day and age, are completely undervalued.

And when it comes to training, irrespective of our training goal, these traits are paramount. It takes a long term investment into our training before we are likely to see any significant improvements in strength, noticeable increases in performance, substantial growth of muscle tissue, or considerable reductions in fat mass.

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Even despite the hard work we are putting in on a daily basis.

We need to dedicate time to our training, in which we work hard each and every session, but we also need to demonstrate patience on a larger scale. We need to realise that changes won’t happen overnight, and that we will progress only though dedicated work in the long term.

And while this may go against the ‘wisdom’ of the many 30 day challenges you see on your Facebook feed every morning, I can guarantee that if you work hard and demonstrate patience you will actually see results from your training.

With all this in mind, I would implore you to take a long term approach with your training goals, and realise that this shit is not going to happen overnight.

Every training session is a small step towards your goal, and it’s going to take a few steps to get there.

This shouldn’t be disheartening – it’s just how it is.

So enjoy the process.


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